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    BIAS FX 2

    An award-winning amp-and-effects processor that turns your computer or mobile device into a fully customizable guitar and bass rig.

    Click Here for 14 Day free trial of BIAS FX 2 Elite

    *Free trial only available for demo and LE users

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    BIAS AMP 2

    Create your dream guitar amplifier down to the component level with BIAS AMP 2 – the ultimate virtual amp designer.

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    Introducing OMNYSS, a collection of gear built to create epic soundscapes and fuel massive tonal exploration. OMNYSS goes beyond heavy with 3 all-new guitar amplifiers and 6 pedal effects crafted for absolute sonic disruption.

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    BIAS Pedal

    Create your dream guitar pedal down to the circuit level with BIAS PEDAL – the ultimate virtual pedal designer for BIAS FX 2 amp and effects software and plugin.

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    Pro Series EQ

    Authentically Recreated Analog Equalizers Plugin

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    Pro Series Compressor

    State-of-the-Art Compression Plugin