Watch Darrell Braun Replicate 5 Famous Amp Tones with Spark

September 27, 2022By The Spark Team 0 Comment

In this clip, YouTuber Darrell Braun demonstrates how to dial-in iconic amp tones you know and love using a few of the 30 amp models available with Spark. Watch below!

Whether you play pristine cleans, crunchy blues or fully saturated metal, with Spark you'll find all the tools you need to perfect your own custom sounds. Plus, you can take your tones to the next level with 40 effects, including delays, verbs, mods, drives, comps and more.

You also get access to ToneCloud, where you can discover over 10,000 tonal creations made by our community of Spark users, artists, studio engineers and more. With Spark, creativity is always on tap, and that sound you're after is never too far away.

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