Positive Grid Releases BIAS FX Standalone

September 27, 2022By tom.gilbert@positivegrid.com BigCommerce 0 Comment

The wait is finally over! BIAS FX, the First Cross Platform Amp-And-Effects Processor, is now available as a standalone application for Mac/PC. BIAS FX Standalone is the easiest way to use BIAS FX desktop – no more need for a DAW, just plug and play! And if you already purchased BIAS FX as a desktop plug-in, you can download standalone version without any additional cost.

MIDI and Automation

BIAS FX Professional now includes MIDI and automation. With MIDI and automation you can control BIAS FX as you would do with a real guitar amp/pedalboard setup, toggle pedals on/off in real time, use expression effects, switch between different pedals, assign multiple parameters, and more. And if you already own BIAS FX Pro as a plug-in, just update to the latest version and MIDI/Automation will show up.

BIAS FX Standalone is immediately available for $99 (std) and $199 (pro) in the BIAS Store.


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