Music is Win's 7 Guitar Intros that Give You Chills with Spark Pearl

September 27, 2022By The Spark Team 0 Comment

One of the most important parts of any song is a solid, memorable intro. After all, this is a guitarist’s one brief chance to make a lasting impression on a new listener before they hit the dreaded skip button.

There are a handful of guitar intros out there that hook you in the second they are played, laying down the framework for an epic musical journey, and Tyler over at Music is Win is here to show them off. Not only has Tyler used his Spark Pearl to recreate each song’s magical tone, but he has also uploaded them to ToneCloud for your jamming pleasure. Ready to get goosebumps? Check out the video below and see if your favorite tune made the cut.

Of course, there’s no better way to truly capture the ambiance of a beautiful guitar intro than plugging into a gorgeous amp. Spark Pearl is everything you love about Spark, like Smart Jam, Auto Chords and over 10,000 tones, in a gorgeous (and limited) package. With snowy white tolex, gold trim and a stylish leather strap, you’ll look as good as these intros sound. Want to own Spark Pearl for yourself? Find out more here.

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