Can I use Spark LIVE as a Bass Amp?

Can I use Spark LIVE as a Bass Amp?

March 28, 2024By Joshua Fernandez 0 Comment

TL;DR Yes, Spark LIVE works great as a bass amp. Want to learn more? Read more below!

Like many guitar players growing up, there comes a time when you want to form or join a band, only to realize that, outside of the drummer, everyone else plays guitar. That’s when one of those guitarists has to take one for the team, abandon two strings, and switch to bass. And in this particular story, that guitarist was me. The problem was, I only had guitar gear. My amps and pedals were designed solely for guitar. Plugging my thrift store-bought bass into a guitar amp was not only dangerous but also sacrilegious. I mean, yes, you could technically plug a bass into a guitar amp, but it would sound ridiculous.

So what's a guitarist/bassist to do in this scenario? Well, the obvious answer would be to have both a guitar amp and a bass amp ready to plug into. But what if there was an amp that you could plug BOTH guitar and bass into? Enter Spark LIVE – Positive Grid’s latest addition to their award-winning lineup of Spark smart guitar amplifiers. While it's a given that the guitar sounds fantastic on Spark LIVE, what about bass? Watch the video below to find out!

Thanks to Sonic IQ, a revolutionary computational audio technology, Spark LIVE is more than just a guitar amp. It’s a full-on all-in-one guitar amp and PA system. It can handle anything you throw at it – electric or acoustic guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, electronic drums, and more.

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