Billy Dawson demos BIAS Head

September 27, 2022By Shopify API 0 Comment

Can the BIAS Head do country?! You’re darn right it can. We sat down with Billy Dawson to find out how he uses his BIAS Head to get some killer tones inside the studio and on stage!

Billy is a Nashville based singer/songwriter, entertainer, author and motivational speaker. The Nashville Independent Music Awards recently presented him with the award for Artist of the year, best country male vocalist and best country live performer. Naturally, we thought “what better artist is there to demonstrate some of the great country/blues sounds you can achieve with the BIAS Head?”.

So (of course) we headed on down to music city to show how easy it really is to get those classic country tones we all know and love, all powered by the 600w BIAS Head guitar amp. Switching between classic country, pop, blues, rock and even metal with the turn of a knob, Billy showcases some of his favorite tones he’s been using in the studio and on the road.

“It’s incredible, the tones on it are amazing”.

Watch the full video for more!

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