BIAS MINI Amplifier | Using the BIAS MINI on stage

BIAS MINI Amplifier | Using the BIAS MINI on stage

September 27, 2022By BigCommerce 0 Comment

The BIAS MINI amplifier packs a massive punch in a tiny package.

One of the greatest things about the MINI is just how versatile it is - not only when it comes to tone, but when it comes to live use. With multiple different routing options, the MINI really opens up a world of opportunity for gigging musicians.

Our “intelligent” speaker out lets you run the MINI just like any other guitar amplifier - just connect the MINI via speaker cable to your favorite cab, and voila. The speaker out will even “read” the ohms of your cab and convert accordingly, so don’t worry about switching between 4, 8 and 16 - the MINI has that handled.

Don’t want to lug that cabinet to the gig? Don’t worry. You can choose from any of our killer built in cabinet IR’s, pick up some of the incredible Celestion Impulse Responses from our store, or load up your own favorite cab sims - it’s all easy, and 100% consistent. Oh, and did we mention you can combine BOTH methods for maximum tone dialing capabilities? Send the line out w/cab sim to front of house, and run the speaker out into a cab to get that classic tube amp feel - with air actually moving on stage - and the consistency/perfection of sending an unaffected signal w/cab sim to your sound guy. Blend the two, and you’ve got some real magic + the perfect tone every time. Plus, the BIAS MINI takes pedals like a champ (in front, or via the built in glitchless effects loop), so the possibilities are literally, well, endless…

Join Prashant Aswani as he walks through some of the different ways to route/use your BIAS MINI in a live setting.

Prashant is plugged directly into the BIAS MINI guitar amplifier, running into a Bogner Goldfinger 2x12 cabinet mic'ed up with a 414.


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