BIAS MINI Amplifier | Creating pristine clean tones.

BIAS MINI Amplifier | Creating pristine clean tones.

September 27, 2022By BigCommerce 0 Comment

We’ve covered crunch, high gain, blues, but what about those sparkling, chimey clean tones that we all love?

One of the greatest things about the BIAS MINI guitar amp is the fact that it gives you the ability to jump between searing high gain, classic rock crunch, fat bass, gooey blues and glassy cleans with the turn of a knob. What’s more is that it does them all with incredible analog-like accuracy, letting you dive deeper into the amp circuit than ever before so you can create the perfect tone for YOU, and YOUR hands.

All of that means being able to jump from gig to gig using the exact same guitar amplifier, that just so happens to fit inside your backpack. Form, function, versatility and power - BIAS MINI has it all.

Join Prashant Aswani as he talks about his approach to creating awesome clean tones with the BIAS MINI.

Prashant is plugged directly into the BIAS MINI amplifier, running into a Bogner Goldfinger 2x12 cabinet mic'ed up with a 414.


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