What is Guitar Match?

What is Guitar Match?

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What is Guitar Match?

BIAS FX 2 | Product | April 2019

With the recent launch of BIAS FX 2, we've had a lot of people asking about a certain feature: Guitar Match. Listen, we know the life of a gear-nut is tough, trying to score every sweet guitar, amp, pedal. It adds up, though. You might WANT that 60's Strat, but gosh they're pricey. Or maybe you're a huge Slash fan, and you NEED an LP but you just can't afford to remortgage your house, hah. So that got us thinking: How do we help?

Enter Guitar Match

That's when it occurred to us - why don't we figure out a way to emulate the sound of a classic Strat, LP, or any other variety of body/pickup configurations right inside BIAS FX 2?

Enter Guitar Match. We found a way to let players match their guitars/pickups, and hyper-realistically simulate the tonal characteristics and feel of some of the most sought-after guitars in the world. You can take your old Dime w/EMG's and turn it into a 60's Strat, or a classic hollowbody with startling realism. What does this mean?

It means more tonal options than ever before. Not only can you create extremely custom, dialed-in signal paths with a massive variety of effects, amps, HD racks, effect modelers and more, but you can actually swap guitars - without having to physically own them - to better suit your needs.

18 Guitar Models

Not only does Guitar Match offer up some of the most classic, timeless, vintage guitars like:

'57 Goldtop Reissue
'52 Reissue T
35 Dot Custom Classic
'60 Wildwood St
'58 Countryman
'60 Rosewood St
TV Surf Green
35 50th Anniversary
Vintage JM Original

...but we've ALSO included some unique, modern instruments like:

Modern CU24
Modern Horizon 2
Modern Eclipse
Custom Wave Special
Artist John M Signature
Artist JP Signature
Modern JM Pro SHR
Vintage SHR Antique.

From Blues to Jazz to Rock to Metal and everything in between, Guitar Match has something for you.

One of my favorite features in BIAS FX 2 so far is Guitar Match. It sounds absolutely amazing, the resemblance is uncanny. It sounds phenomenal...

- Julian Michael (Justin Bieber)

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