BIAS AMP 2/Focusrite | Plugin Collective

BIAS AMP 2/Focusrite | Plugin Collective

September 27, 2022By BigCommerce 0 Comment

We’ve got some awesome news: We’ve teamed up with our friends at Focusrite to help getting BIAS AMP 2 in your hands easier than ever before. Now, if you’re a Focusrite user, you’ll have the opportunity to give BIAS AMP 2 LE a shot at no additional cost. Go on, get your feet wet. We think you’ll dig it!

BIAS AMP 2 is our, well, baby. Years ago we set out to create the most comprehensive, in-depth, detailed amp modeling software ever created. We essentially wanted to give users a virtual soldering iron, allowing you to swap out real components, in real time, whether it was changing out 6L6’s for EL34’s, toggling between British and American transformers, changing the entire topology or EQ curve of an amplifier, and even guitar amp matching. Fast forward to 2018, and we’ve upgraded, updated, and honed our flagship BIAS AMP software with BIAS AMP 2. We added incredible new Blues and Bass preamps, new tubes for all you jazz and bass players (headroom headroom headroom!), a brand new Amp Match module, 100 new Amp Match presets built right into ToneCloud, and we even teamed up with the legendary folks at Celestion to offer some of the most realistic, sought after cabinet IR’s ever made. What can we say? BIAS AMP 2 is an absolute beast. Forget about limiting yourself to 1-2 amps - you can have ‘em all - and customizing those amplifiers from the ground up has never been so darn easy.

SO, if you’ve got some Focusrite gear, be sure to head on over to and register so you can get your hands on BIAS AMP 2 LE. It'll let you get your proverbial feet wet and feel out some of the features in BIAS AMP 2 without having to go the whole nine yards by purchasing the Standard, Pro or Elite versions. If you decide you like what you see (and hear), you can upgrade to whichever tier you prefer for a fraction of the normal cost - so dive on in! We think you’ll be impressed.


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